Corporate Fashion & Merchandising

What have your company and a fingerprint got in common?

Fingerprints – so similar and yet so different from each other, as individual, unique and incomparable as the people that they identify.

Your company, too, has its own profile, its individual mission statement, its unique appearance – in other words its own fingerprint.


Suitable for this fingerprint, uniform workwear, merchandising products and event-outfits are an essential component for many companies for their extern representation and their identification with the company. Then the ideal case shows visual team spirit - without any words.


The requirement is, that the equipment for the corporate identity of your company fits with your corporate design. High-quality branded products - refined with embroidery or your printed logo - are also supporting loyalty, common identity and appreciation. This represents your company, raises your brand-publicity, supports your image - with a harmonius appearance.


Our trend-orientated brand collections, CI conformable corporate wear and emotional lifestyle products being communication media focus on the following targets:

  • Strengthening of the external and internal company identification
  • Increase of the brand awareness
  • Positive image transfer
  • Customer and employee loyalty
  • Team and sales promotion
  • Opening of additional sales channels
  • Sales and profit increase by flanking products in addition to your core range

Conceptually integrated in the marketing mix of your company, we understand Corporate Fashion and merchandising as part of a successful corporate identity, which contributes to the company success.

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