In our service package, fulfilment includes all activities which serve the fulfilment of a contract and the delivery. Also in this area, we place great emphasis on the quality of the services and on the automation of the processes (work flow management). Consequently, the procurement logistics, warehousing as well as the distribution logistics belong to our core competences. We deliver just-in-time, pick and pack according to the orders. Our logistics services include the reliable, IT-supported tracking & tracing. If products are ordered by your subsidiaries or customers, we will take the orders centrally for you, put in place a call centre according to the order and customer needs. We take over invoicing, reminders and reporting as well as the complete after-sales-service including everything that belongs to it. Thereby, we work on returns and customer complaints, repair and deliver products for replacement.

Above all, the business areas Merchandising and Workwear make special demands on implementation. Here, individualisation is often in demand. This begins with the customised production and draws through the complete picking and packing process. Will you have a new employee or a special event? According to the needs and at short notice, we individualise, personalise, also modify your stored goods and take over the logistics. In-house embroidery machines make us especially flexible here. Additionally, we keep your clothing accounts.