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Wednesday, 29. January 2014

Merchandising for Krone

The Krone Group belongs to the worldwide leading manufacturers of agricultural engineering and...

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Embroidery is the highest form of refinement. In addition to the high-quality optic the embroidery is assuring with a high wash resistance, a high stability and a 3D-effect to the viewer. There is only used the best thread for the production of embroidery. This is the guarantee for a high stability and an excellent brilliance.

The embroidery can be done:

  • as a direct embroidery at finished textiles
  • as a fusible emblem or to stitch it on the textiles
  • with an individual name
  • with a different style of lettering or color   

At first your graphic model will be switched into a embroidery pattern, after that step the pattern will be punched (this is the technical term for the developing of embroidery programs). This developing is made with a specific software by our qualified employees in our in-house graphic department. The aim is to save the quality of the embroidery.


The embroidery had not only to accord with the textiles but also with the needle size and the yarn count. We only work with high-quality yarns with a high color brilliancy and durability – in accordance with Ökotex Standard 100.


To guarantee the stabilization of the embroidery pad, a thin mat is used and the textile is fixed at the embroidery frame. This is the guarantee for the highest quality while embroidering. The embroidery itself is done by a embroidery machine with a speed up to 1.500 stitches per minute. Up to 15 colors can be used at the same time.


The results are brilliant embroideries, themes and letterings – an optic and haptic highlight!



Direct embroidery

At the direct embroidery your textiles will be fixed at the machines. After the switching of your logo into an embroidery pattern it will be directly stitched on the material. Because of the totally digital production it is possible to work accurate with fine lines. The size, color and the positioning will be defined accurate to the millimeter. Care has to be taken that the size of lettering is not too small so that your advertising at the textiles is readable from a higher distance and the fabric is not damaged because of the stitching.


Embroidery badges

Embroidery badges are made like the direct embroidery but the badges won’t be stitched directly at the textiles but at a gauze made out of line.

This substrate material with the embroidery will be stitched on the textiles.


We would be more than happy to consult with you in a personal meeting – just contact us right now!