Development, market & business units


As a traditional, native family business with a close relationship to our customers we are always trying to react to your requirements. Since our foundation in 1997, we have continuously extended our know-how, product portfolio and service range. Our organizational structure is based on four strategic business units which orientate themselves according to the specific market and customer needs:


- Loyalty

- Corporate Fashion & Merchandising

- Workwear & PPE

- Logistics & Services


Benefit from our long-standing expertise concerning product, brand and implementation.


Our business activities:


At the business unit Loyalty we are developing and realizing - together with our brand partners - attractive bonus programs for our international clients in the sector of oil economies, food retailing and the service sector – we are requiting loyalty.


The business unit Corporate Fashion & Merchandising is generating individual product concepts and concepts for sales promotion which are contributing - as a part of a successful Corporate Identity - to your company success – without any words.


At the business unit Workwear & PPE we are developing cross-sectorally modern product solutions and conceptions for PPE with and for our customers. The focus is exclusively at the products and brand partners which are performing profits and improvements regarding the safety and the comfort – for high performances at the workplace.


The refinement and individualization of your products is made by our in-house embroidery and textile print office.


The business units are supported by our high-power logistic with a high-class infrastructure and adequate service function - fast, efficient and professional.


Last but not least: 100 % enthusiasm for your business.