we support people.

Tailor-made contract logistics & customer services

To realise outsourcing successfully.

Based on our first-class infrastructure, operative know-how and innovation power, we will continue to develop tailor-made logistics and service solutions – operating with a maximum of flexibility and speed. We realise the complete supply chain and your customer services – consequently adjusted to your needs, the specific requirements of the branches and the characteristics of the regional markets.

We are passionate about our role as a service provider and constantly working for the success of our customers.

We are branch.

With many successful references we build on more than 15 years of experience in the branches fashion, shoes, consumer and industrial goods.

Logistics and service solutions with added value.

With intelligent business processes our solutions truly add value:

✓ More capacity for your core tasks
✓ Provision of manpower and space according to your needs
✓ Modular industrial and added value services
✓ Individual completion and assembly operations
✓ Flexible control of your capacity and output peaks
✓ Reduction of your vertical range of manufacture and lead times
✓ Lowering of your process complexity
✓ Securing your growth
✓ Transparent flow of goods and information
✓ Fast, efficient distribution of your products, national and international
✓ No investment in own infrastructure
✓ Reduction of the fixed costs
✓ Lowering of your production and warehousing costs
✓ Liberation of management capacities
✓ More competitiveness

Growth based on know-how and integrated services.

Four core components are the base of our future business:

  1. As full-service specialist, we supply you with tailor-made solutions for the distribution of goods and customer interactions.
  2. We create all-in-one, efficient processes and concentrate on your demand and the requirements of your customers.
  3. Sustained high quality, reliability and long-term success count more than price and short-term profit maximisation.
  4. We focus on consumption-driven markets in Europe.

With enthusiasm for your business – please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.